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I sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe how fast summer is flying by. I just feel like we have to use every possible moment to its fullest before school comes and that is a lot of pressure! I keep falling behind in blogging but that means when winter comes I’ll have lots of summer to share with you in these photos.

Does Caroline not remind you of a cupie doll? She has that little curl, dimples and those big eyes and cheeks….Her mom is so fun, we run together periodically and it’s like therapy. We have a group and although we don’t know if it’s making that much of a difference it’s a camaraderie thing. We spent a morning in their backyard enjoying being one again.

Again, love the film ones…if you can pick them out?

She reminds me of Shirley Temple, a cupie doll, or some little girl from the 30s in these.
This cracks me up. You look at this photo and how can you not be happy? CHEESE!Summer and grass on your feet, man I hate that.


Today is Stella’s eighth birthday. Crazy….it feels crazy. I feel like life is moving at all time break neck pace. I was talking with a friend this morning and we were commenting at how hard it is to keep up in the summer. Especially when your self employed. All schedules go out the window so to speak. That pull of the long summer nights out with friends, mixed with baseball games, vacation plans and trying to fit in house projects with site seeing around town. That work-life balance is hard during the summer. It is only made easier with the fact that my job is such a melding of work-life that I don’t let the ADD get the best of me. Keep moving, keep editing, keep enjoying every.single.moment as it comes. That is what summer is, I feel. I had a lovely evening a couple weeks ago with Mary and Dale and their close family. More to come later. Now on to a popsicle (wine) and some sitting with my eight year old!

Mary has an unmistakeable laugh. LOVE.
had to include a couple film sneaks and to show the melding of two great families….


What do you do when you have a bride from St. Joe, a groom from Virginia and a couple that now lives in D.C. You plan a weekend in the midwest for all the family and friends to come from all over. I love how genuine Jeff looks at Ellen, it makes it really hard to narrow down images when you have such palpable love over two days.

First off in KC for the ceremony at the Simpson house.

Then to the Benton Club in St. Joe the next evening, where we had the prettiest little snow.