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What do you do when you have a bride from St. Joe, a groom from Virginia and a couple that now lives in D.C. You plan a weekend in the midwest for all the family and friends to come from all over. I love how genuine Jeff looks at Ellen, it makes it really hard to narrow down images when you have such palpable love over two days.

First off in KC for the ceremony at the Simpson house.

Then to the Benton Club in St. Joe the next evening, where we had the prettiest little snow.


On a spring day not too different than the ones we’ve been having we gathered to take some pictures the Amor family and a soon to be new addition Dale. Again, this is late in coming.  I’m about to see this family shortly when Mrs. Amor gets married next week and becomes a Messer. Mrs. Amor, taught both my children in their very early formative years at Children’s Garden and as you can see by the pictures she is full of laughter. Shea had welcomed a grand baby, Maggie and it was time to capture everyone. It will be a fun next year when the kids return and go to shake their teachers hand politely and realize that Mrs. Amor is now Mrs. Messer.It happened to be a chilly, rainy spring day.Congrats you two–looking forward to next Friday!


These are a long time coming–by now Marshall is a year and a half older….I’ve known the Passantino family and Lisa for as long as I can remember and her brother and I were great friends in high school in the early 90′s (ouch!). She now teaches with her mother at a little Montessori school, Children’s Garden. I can go on and on about old stories of this lovely family with a couple weddings I’ve shot and how fun they all are, but since this is about teachers I will keep it about the patience and beauty of this education. Lisa and her mother and all of the teachers there (Mrs. Amor is up next) have this calm and sweet nature that can only account for how they keep 24+ toddlers and preschool age children working and having fun all in a classroom. Marshall came around almost 3 years ago and reminds me so much of his Uncle, my friend John. I can Marshall has an educator for a mother, he is so curious and seems to grasp things beyond his years. I can’t wait to watch him grow and I’ll save the pit stories for another post.

Did I mention he lives in the city but loves all things that move including his Deere.