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I’m going to do a series of families that I’ve been shooting for some time and have not gotten there time on my little blog. I will start with the Pirani family. I’ve been shooting them since their middle child was little but the blog will be a little Liyam centered as he is the third and latest boy. I think they are all so handsome, their eyes are so deep and beautiful….we will start with the family maternity session and go forward, I think it is so fun to see how they grow…

First there were four:Then there were five:And now look at Lyiam!How cute are they!?


I’ve known the Riemers for a long time, in some ways I feel like they are family. The oldest brother lives down the street (by shear happenstance) and our kids go to school together, his wife’s sister’s husband and my husband grew up together I did another in law’s Maggie’s wedding a couple years ago and just through all the connections that happen in Kansas City. And their weddings always get me, so sweet and emotional. I’m also always so impressed at the way they just love children and grandchildren. This time Caitlin and Bud walked down the aisle at The Grand Overland Station in Topeka. Caitlin’s (a teacher) class lined the aisle. Bud’s grandfather worked on laying the bricks around the station, Caitlin’s grandfather worked for the railroad. There were all these sweet connections that make life serendipitous and personal. Just like knowing this family. Congrats you two.


You may be familiar with Olivia, she and her family have graced the blog before. She is the happiest girl I know. She was sick this day and still look at her! And the boys adore her you can just tell. Megan wanted something a little more urban but still them and I think we nailed it. It is so fun to use the beauty around you. I’ve said it before it doesn’t really matter where you are as long as your having fun. But I do like to explore and although this is our backyard its fun to think about it visually. A fun morning in BKS. I’m so funny, Henry really thinks so! HA!The outakes….cracks me up!!!


I’ve know Angela since we were 16–and Mike too for that matter. We lived together in college, traveled Europe together, worked together, laughed and cried. She is the type of friend who knows the good, the bad and the ugly about me (seriously). I can’t tell you the shenanigans we’ve been in on here because this is a family blog-kidding!(arrested in Italy-what??) She is the type of girl that is extremely smart and together, yet can put her hair down and have a good time, I’m always amazed at her sense of balance when it comes to life. I envy it. She gets what needs to be done but knows how to be present in the moment. Recently their little one got sick, real sick. The kind of sick that makes you question everything. But their never ending faith was amazing. They are both rocks-solid and steadfast.  Little Joseph is fine today (minus a little hearing) and I know they feel blessed. I am blessed to know the Perrymans.

These are on their land near Lawrence.

Hey are you impressed with blogging???????????????? Anyone…Beuhler?



  • Sharron Perryman - These photos are absolutely beautiful!!

  • Terry Dittrich - Trish, these photos are wonderful. We delivered the prints to Angela last night and I’m so sorry I missed seeing you when you brought them over. I would like to order some 4 x 6 prints from you. How do I go about doing that? I would like colored prints of Nos. 0138, 0127, & 0012. (Angela with Annie, Joe by himself, & Annie holding flower – not sure I got those nos. right) Also the one of Mike tossing Annie up in the air – not the one you gave them, but the one on this set of pictures above. Also want to tell you your comments about Angela and your friendship with her really touched my heart. What a wonderful friend YOU are!
    (I tried to post the above on your blog – not sure I did it right)

  • Valerie - What a delight! I’ve known them longer than you (Kindergarten)! :P Such a beautiful family…and, of course, beautiful pictures, as always. Bravo! Love to you all….