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So Stella turned 7 yesterday. I know I know I sound like a broken record but time is flying! Especially with her…as a second child I feel like you always get a bit of the ‘your coming along for the ride because you don’t really have a say’ syndrome. You are always sort of watching your first child as it is the first for you as parents and then by the time the second or third or fourth do those things it isn’t as climactic sometimes for good reasons and sometimes not. We went to Target to get her a toy and she said she wanted a real microphone (she really does believe that she is going to be a popstar) and we looked at them and she thought about it and said “I will wait and see who can get me it, because I don’t want to get it now as Will may be upset that he doesn’t get one.” It was eye opening, Will is usually a little sweeter to Stella than vice versa but he would never have thought of her had I taken him to Target. She is so funny, very dramatic but soooo sweet.. It is surprising because I don’t know that we model that to her that much. I think we tell Will enough as we think he is older and should be polite, show respect etc…plus he needs reminding! But Stella I think she is just more thoughtful. I’m not saying she is a cakewalk, the girl can cry….a.lot. But I was proud of her. She ended up with colored hair chalk…. popstars need that to make their hair all purple and stuff, you know.

Here are a few of her lately in no particular order just her as of late some on film. Climbing a tree.

This is her.

Love you to much….even when you cry, a lot.

Here is where I start to feel old—I feel like I did Maggie’s senior pictures just yesterday and now here she is getting MARRIED.  I’ve known Maggie and her family ever since I had a booth next to her mother Jeannette at a baby fair years ago.  Jeannette is the famous woman behind Prenatal Imaging and does some absolutely stunning work with 3D/4D sonograms.  If you are expecting you need to see her!

But back to Maggie & Octavio.  In a nod to Octavio’s Mexican heritage we decided to find some Latin color around the city.  I love to drive around Kansas City looking for interesting and new places to shoot photos.

I hope to blog the wedding tomorrow so check back soon!


  • Lindsay - June 30, 2014 - 12:37 am

    Beautiful pictures of this cute couple!

I’m so behind on this blog. Hot summer days have put me in slow motion mode. It’s always a bit funny to look back and think about cold fall days and colors when you are sweating. But its also a reminder of how fast time goes and soon it will be winter again. Reminisce with me.

Megan is a fabulous wedding planner with Soiree Event Designs and part of the team that makes up Bella Bridesmaids (unique and beautiful bridesmaid dresses ). She has two cute, cute boys and manages to run two businesses so stylishly.  I love working with her. We managed to get some outdoor photos in the cold and then went back to the studio for a few of the boys. I love Charlie’s pink cheeks and nose even though I think he was freezing! I can’t speak highly enough of her skills. Its always an honor when someone you look up to comes to have photos done.