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I can’t wait for their spring wedding. Sometimes you realize what a small world we live in. Kelli got my name from her cousins whom I am friends with and have done photography for, and Vince’s dad is dating my cousin, whom I hang with all the time, but neither of them or I put the connection together. Until much later. The serendipity of things are so fun. I love making things beautiful with the weather, current events and light we are given. Because at the end of the day, it is about the memory of this spot with the one your with. Man do I love a good Kansas field!


I’m not a huge on philosophy sharing. I think the images sort of speak for themselves. Plenty of people love to write, I’m not one of them but I do every once in awhile like to share what inspires me.

I feel like keep people comfortable and happy, find beautiful light and good things happen. But I also have a sort of magic moment thing I look for. I have always like the juxtaposition of opposites–A modern light in an old farmhouse, the middle of the city and the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. A simple outfit with an ornate piece of jewelry. Or the moment where the story is unfolding but you look your best.

Sometimes, I shoot for that moment of posing you to be yourself. I don’t know if that is clear.

Some photographers are purely documentary and shoot only as things happen or where going to happen with or without them there.

Some photographers style things to the hilt. Shooting only in light they like with people in clothes they like and the editorial look they envision.

Both of them valid and oftentimes very interesting. But I love the mixing of the both. I think that is what is so challenging but also so gratifying. Styling only as much as it looks like the individual naturally. But also crafting things to my composition or to the visual strengths of the subjects.

So although I photoshop and edit a bit, I like to keep things authentic and perfectly imperfect. The whips of hair that fly away and frizz, the chipping nail polish of a little girl, the dad who looks away and laughs. These show a time and place that add interest and verify the memory.

Abby was naturally beautiful. It was easy to walk around the park and verify this time and place in fall 2015. I hope these serve as a authentic memory of the beauty she is and will become.

a little film: