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It’s funny how you never really appreciate a season while in it. I was looking back at this Spring wedding of Kelli and Vince and it’s so beautiful with the pastel trees and soft colors of early April at Hawthorne House. It’s always a bit amazing what you forget from year to year. When the first snow comes it’s like a miracle you have forgotten. Or when it gets so hot you sweat sitting….again funny how you forget these things. I can’t remember actively noticing this at the time. But maybe I did, in the small moments that leave as a new season begins.

As we sweat through August, I want to actively enjoy the heat and feel the humidity (sounds so stupid….really it does… but then again I do mean be.present.) I want to remember feeling so hot you see mirages in the pavement, I want to remember how tall the corn was or how blue the sky was and how long a day can feel when your in the middle of summer. Because before you know it the world has turned, it is snowing, you are cold and another year has gone.

It with that deep thought by Tricia that I bring you Kelli and Vince’s wedding. It was so hard to narrow these down. I’m a real sap when it comes to those shots of the two of them. I love the way people in real love look at each other, or laugh at each other. Its addicting. So here they are a girl and boy in love, marry on a Spring day in Kansas City.

A mixture of Fuji 400h and digital images….thanks Sara for helping me shoot!

Yes, that’s me with my cuz up on right….I don’t do that often…thanks Sara for the cute picture


Clare, au natural. This pretty STA senior is off to up north to be a Golden Eagle of Marquette. Quick note, these are pretty much how they are shot, no editing or photoshop except for basic color correcting or the occasional b&w. I’ve said this before I like the stray hair that flies away or the sun streak across the frame–it gives it authenticity. Some are film and others digital. 


Sometimes your subjects/clients become your friends and other times your friends become your subjects, which is particularly sweet as you have firsthand knowledge of their personalities. Sometimes those friends share your name as well….

I love this family. You’ve seen them before. Patty and John would do anything for you. And although we don’t hug it out, Patty has gotten virtual hugs from a lot of people because she is a problem solver. “If there is a problem, yo I’ll solve it.” (it keeps running through my head, sorry Vanilla Ice-Patty) I mean it. You call her with some sort of issue—whether emotional or literal—and she goes right at it.

And as I hope to become a more frequent blogger (take heed’ cause I’m a lyrical poet) it was important to me to make sure I do something for them that has meaning and captures them. I asked to get the last three years of albums we’ve done and to document them and it is so striking to see the kids grow. I sound like a broken record (check out the hook, while my DJ revolves it ((For goodness sake)))….but that is the best part of my job. I want to make happy memories….really that’s it. I don’t know that I solve any problems, in fact with my indecision I often confuse matters. But I hope that the O’Connors can, in the years to come, look back and see their family and remember them that young, or that time we hung in the at the park or Brookside or drove around the Westside, like here.

Word to your mother.

Oh Siobhany….You and Stella never turn into moody teenagers, ok?These lay flat albums are a beautiful archive to chronicle your family’s life. I think there is nothing more telling then seeing them side by side.


Now that you saw Logan’s family’s more urban session we decided to go a little more pastural this year. We hit Cider Hill maybe slightly after the peak of the apple blossoms, but it was still so pretty. I loved seeing the light move through the trees at different angles and intensity with the clouds. I always think of orchards in the early fall when it’s apple picking time, but this is a beautiful and they had a little festival and Logan got to throw his fishing hook in for a try. He’s still a handsome devil but probably the last year he can be held as he’s becoming all boy.
the many faces of Logan, he gets them from his father, except for that one there on bottom right….all mother.


I was recently at a networking meeting and we were talking about finding your niche. Finding a spot where you connect to your target audience and where you as a business relish the sweet spot of success. I was pondering this for awhile before the meeting and turning it over and over in my head, knowing full well that having a specific target audience was a good thing so that you could more readily “speak” to them and find them. But what I couldn’t reconcile is that I love working with everyone and every project. I loved the babies, I love the weddings, I love the teenagers and seniors and kids turning 9 and people with bulldogs and those that lived in small towns and those that lived in the heart of the city–you get the point. I don’t know a personality I’m not intrigued by, I don’t know a photo that I wouldn’t want to take. Or a challenge that would not excite me. Or a location that I have to shoot to give me “My” look. I guess if I was really honest with myself I’m not as into inanimate objects and commercial stuff as dealing with people (Ok, there is a little focus.) But all in all I couldn’t tell you who my target “target” is. And that was sort of upsetting to me and made me panic for a bit….where was I going? But after relaying this to the others in the meeting. One other wedding industry vendor mentioned. Well, then maybe your niche is that then. Seeing your clients come back to you for all events. You are “their” photographer–”Do you find that they do come back to you? Do you become friends with them.” “Yes, I guess I do.” Not that I’m turning this into a sales pitch or a I’m the greatest post–but what I did realize is what I do like about my business is that I may not just do seniors or newborns or weddings but if I do your wedding I will probably see you at your first child’s birth. Or if I did your Senior photography, I will probably be asked to do the grandparents 50th wedding anniversary or if I do your families photos one year, you will most probably want me the next year. And I will know what we did last year and what you were wearing and how Johnny likes potty humor or how shy Sally can be. That is a revelation that I really like.

So on that note, here are some of my friends that I did their wedding and little Logan through the years. They are funny (see pictures) and little Logan is going to break all the girls hearts cause he is a looker. This happens to be last year when he was 4 and tomorrow I’m going to blog his latest because he has grown and I get to see that, and that is the best.outta here…to here….a child of the pavement….