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Ok, new new new blog…so new its just not even done, it’s so new….working through the kinks and making decisions so bear with me as I slowly get it going. And I’ve also decided to stop beating myself up about getting everything out more timely and in a cute way and just put these blogs out there, I stress about writing, I stress over the images I pick and I think I just need to not stress and just blog so these folks know that they are so meaningful to me. Presentation is important but in this visual medium timeliness is too, and who wants to listen to me anyhow?  So I’m getting down to basics and letting the photos tell more of the story. ON that note, I loved Kathryn and David and our afternoon at the Nelson. Can’t wait for their fall wedding and well……I’ll just stop talking.


I have a wonderful job. I say it all the time, you know this….it’s taken me places and has let me meet people I would never have dreamed of. One of those things that ranks right up there with all of it is this family. Lisa and Florian are from Zurich and I first met them two years ago when they were expecting their first child Ella. Not only have I gotten to capture Ella with her parents here in America (they are here temporarily) but I also captured the birth of Ella as Lisa and Florian went into the hospital. In one word…amazing. To watch them and their joy for life and how they savor moments…well I’ve learned so much. And to witness the arrival and then as she has grown it really brings everything I do home. I have always looked at my business as a way to be creative and provide art for people of their family and loved ones–Use my design sense as a documentarian. But there is something special about watching a child come into the world. It’s not about a canvas hanging in the hallway (even though i love them) it’s about the magic and beauty of life as it happens at the beginning. Having said that I’m doing a massive blog of Ella and her sessions with me as she has grown because it is time. Ella just welcomed a little sister Lilli last week and I was there to meet her.

And off the subject, you will notice I’m changing my blog…new and exciting times.

she’s here!

newborn ella
ella at a year
at about eighteen months…
and now welcoming sister Lilli



We did this beautiful senior from St. Theresa’s last spring. The next few seniors are boys so I wanted to bring in these with the spring color. I’m so excited to follow these people and see how they change the world.


Hello All!!! I’m baaaacccckkkk…I know this is a broken record but the summer has just flown by. I mean really how many ways can you say it. I think more than any other summer I really languished in the long hours of daylight and light beers. I’ve spent more time on my front porch (still not enough) and less time in front of the computer and it has recharged my batteries a bit. I have been working on some personal projects as well and it has been nice–more on that all later. But enough about me, what you want to see are pictures and this is one I’ve needed to blog for awhile. Maggie and Octavio are some of the realest people you would ever meet. So down to earth and easy, they just wanted to have a party with their closest friends and family.  I mentioned in the engagements I’ve been friends of Maggie’s family for years and Jeanette (her mom is hilarious and a firecracker) you will see her throughout. God must of been smiling to give them such a warm winter day.

Maggie has the cutest dimples!
The food at Poco’s was fabulous.
this is a crew!


  • Carey Haivala - Perfectly perfect. So happy for this wonderful family.