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I do consider myself a romantic but sort of no nonsense about it.  I really hate gushing, and I’m not a big fan of fakeness (I mean who is, am I right?) you won’t ever see me be overly “salesy”—I really hate bragging about myself or my business.  But there is something about doing an engagement or wedding that sends me back to little girl mode. I mean it’s like believing in fairytales and being a princess and a birthday all at the same time. Love is like that I think. You see these two people look at each other and you believe the world is an ok place. I get to be there. I get to see the movie of your lives together start.

Katie and Jed’s engagement session was on a hot Indian Summer night with their pups at Loose Park and then on to the Brooksider, which is where they met when Jed impressed Katie with his hot dance moves. We had drinks on the patio, I watched them kiss, we talked about a little of everything and their wedding in a couple weeks and the love was as palpable as the heat. (there you go for sappy) I can’t wait to show you more as their story continues…..I don’t know what your doing there Jed, falling off an imaginary cliff?


Whomever said social media is a monster is correct. I have a whole post about decisions later on but for right now I will leave it at this, I can’t keep up with my shoots to blog everyone but once I get in there and decide/narrow down photos (which takes like for….ever….) that I want to post to FB I want to write/show their cute faces. So here we are Nicco goes to Children’s Garden where I take the most beautiful kids portraits in a peaceful educational environment. She brought her family for some multi generational photos and what a great thing to have or gift to give. OH BABY CHEEKS!


Long overdue–The Hair family is about as fun as it gets. I go jogging (Ok, not consistently and stop laughing) with Jen and she is spunky, hilarious and, more than anything, so nice. Her husband is a basketball coach and if you know anything about me, I like me some bball and basketball coaches (Hi Dad!). For this session, we celebrated summer in the backyard, a new pup and their darling, darling girls (and Luke….. sorry, you’re darling too).

It’s fun to talk about my taste and since there are about 20 people looking at this little blog, half of them being my family (Hi Mom!) I’m going to stop laboring over the words and just use it as the journal it sort of started out being. I do have thoughts (k, that just sounds funny) and I want to do a few little “Deep thoughts by Jack Handy/Tricia Baska” even though not as funny and certainly not as deep ; ) but always with photos….always.

So here goes: I was thinking about the act of posing and how photographers have approached that. There is some balance to “posing” people. I know that people like to look perfect and put together. All hairs in place, looking at the camera yada yada….. And for posterity this is sort of the classic  portrait. But I  just love the in-between, more candid moments…that point where you look good and are caught off guard so that you don’t look “posed.” This takes practice and foresight. The accidental beauty is most often not accidental.

Years ago when I was starting out, wedding photographers loved to throw out the phrase “journalistic photographer”, I document things as they happen, I don’t step in, I don’t manipulate and posing was a bad word. I always had some issues with this as don’t we all just aim to portray and document life as it happens? Aren’t all photographers journalists in a way? Even shooting portraits? When I meet you to do this I feel like we are starting a conversation. I feel like the posing is the first sentence in the long paragraph that is our conversation. You have to start somewhere and you lined up and looking right at me is kind of the way that begins–you see that I’m sort of silly, not really funny but certainly have no pride and I see how colors work together, where the wind is blowing, how the light works– I read your reaction to my dumb jokes and it begins. Of course for different events this approach is different but still applies for family photos at a wedding, party, seniors etc. After that its like an organic banter of sorts, where do the kids want to go? How far will you make out with your fiancé? The conversation continues…. Of course, I feel like if we spend too long directing and moving and getting all things perfect the moment is fading and can often be missed, but spending a minute getting you posed is worth the communication and the moments that certainly follow.

But above all documenting stages of your life should be fun. FUN. not work, not stiff, not overthought. We live in a beautiful time where cameras and the artist behind them can capture almost anything and everything. Gjon Mili had a famous quote (not so famous that I could find it on google?) about photography being that mix of luck and foresight and I think has always summed it up for me. Being ready for what is about to happen.

In looking for that quote this also resonates: “You just have to live and life will give you pictures.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

There you go Jack Handy, what do you think about that????


With the kids going back to school, I’ve found I have a lot more time to get things done, even think about things I didn’t really even know I wanted to accomplish or put on the to do list. I’m currently in the process of rethinking my dining room especially color. I’m going somewhere between Cobalt and teal and maybe even a dull blue green (this is a safe place for me) It’s been a nice rich brown for some years and I want lighter and brighter and maybe a bit classic, nautical, Americana–I’m tired of fall-y poop brown (sorry I loved you brown before–its long overdue) And since I’m the type of photographer that sees photo inspiration everywhere weather that be design, home decor/design, fashion, and more design, I think these two families sort of have this Americana feel that inspire this. Plus I often get people looking for ideas of what to wear and how things come together. These are some looks that really work. I know that’s a weird transition but since I want to put more lifestyle on this blog it’s kinda how I think. I hope to show you some before and afters. Lastly, I feel like I should throw this in–I never claimed to be a writer.

First this family looks like they stepped out of an ad. Their classic house provided the perfect backdrop. Darling personalities–up for all crazy Tricia at 8 in the morning.

Next we Melanie’s baby graduated and the kids came home to KC and so we went to the local farmer’s barn for family photos. The people, the scenery…. so pretty. Notice my love for doors, old doors on barns and new garage doors…..