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There are many talented photographers out there, many make extremely beautiful photos.  For us here at SNAP it's not just about making pretty pictures.  I want this to be an authentic experience.  Fun, comfortable, you as you are and how you want to remember this time and place.  Not feeling the pressure of a camera or how to be "pretty".  The "pretty" comes when you feel at home.  Moments you look back at and laugh and cry.  With all your loves for all the moments.  
Yes, the SNAP experience.  

hi there!

I love coffee and wine,
I love where the hills meets the plains.
I love downtown and the middle of nowhere.
I love laughing and crying all in one day.
I love basketball. 
I love Will and Stella and Brad.
I would love to get to know you! Thanks for stopping in to learn more about me please check out my blog.

xoxo, Tricia

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At SNAP Photography, we recognize that every wedding is unique, and offer customized pricing specific to your needs.  For reference, most packages start at $2400.  Please contact me for a consultation to discuss your customized wedding package.
A portrait session sitting fee is $150.  From there, you will be able to select prints from an online album.  People typically spend $200-$500 on prints and products.  Contact me for specific print package information. 


Melissa & jeff



Melissa and I live in Milwaukee and were planning our wedding in Kansas City which made our selection of vendors truly important. We really had to trust that on that day, most likely meeting them for the first or second time, that they would deliver exactly what we expected. Tricia O'Conner at SNAP Photography excelled in this regard! She completely hustled that day! It was awesome. Between her urgency, professionalism and resourcefulness, we ended up with a catalog of amazing wedding photos that thrill us every time we view them! She managed not only a rapidly encroaching sunset but also distracted family and children. It's not easy to wholly entrust the visual memory of such a momentous day to someone, it's a big leap of faith. We ended up with the photos we needed, the photos we wanted and ultimately so much more!

Ellen & jeff



Tricia O'Connor-Baska, the pictures are absolutely wonderful.  Your timing was great as we were just at the airport on our way home from Key West when you posted them. Made coming home much better. :)

The Bossert Family



Our little monkey man! Tricia of SNAP Photography is the greatest photographer in KC and has helped us treasure sweet memories of our little family from our wedding to now - our little bubba! If you need family photos or any other special event Tricia is your gal. She is such a creative spirit and from Colby so you can't get much better than that. Thanks Tricia O'Connor-Baska!

What is your philosophy on style and how do you shoot? How long have you been doing this?



My background is in design and I've been shooting professionally since 2001. I've shot 100s of weddings and families over the years. I became a hybrid shooter (film and digital) in 2010 because I love how film captures light.  I love beautiful light but I also love genuine connection. I think that you or your children feeling completely comfortable with me makes these connections come very easily and I'm there to make them timeless and authentic. 

Sessions run around 1 hour to an hour and half depending on the ages of the party. I go all over the midwest and greater KC area.  If your looking for suggestions I have those too.  Depending on the look you like we will work to find the right spot. I do have a studio on Strawberry Hill and we can do both studio and location for a small up charge. This is also good for young ones and bad weather.

How long is a typical session? Do you travel?
Do you have locations you like to use and will you go to spots that I  like?  Do you have a studio and  can I do both studio and location.



Yes, typically to get all images from a session it is $500 or $50 for each digital negative. With wedding packages you would get them as well.  This gives you the ability to print as much and as big as you would like. I do offer pro archival prints and products and a variety of cards and designs if you are interested in customization.

I would like the images to print and use myself, can I get a zip drive, disc or be able to download them? 



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