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Katie & Jed and here’s to 2017

Happy New Year! Blog more, eat less, be more social, be more organized, drink more water, paint the dining room, read more, cook more meals, do more things with the kids, be more present, run more miles. Always striving, striving, striving. This is the time of year when we reflect on what we could have done better, what we want to achieve. The problem is the striving often leads to stressing. I feel like there is a clock over my shoulder constantly ticking and reminding me to do more, make every moment count. Especially as a photographer where every moment has the potential to be memorable, revolutionary, and beautiful. And in trying to make every moment count, I feel like I’m missing out on something. I mean the minute you put for example, “cook more meals at home” on a list some of the joy is lost, the serendipity and the feeling that this is a job rather then an activity creeps in. It’s about being the best person you can be independent of the miles others are running weather that is figurative or literal. That’s not to say I’m jealous of people’s accomplishments, when I see a great photographer I’m not jealous, I admire them, I’m not jealous of fit people, wealthy people or more attractive people (although I may have used to be-ha!) I do believe I want what’s best for people and their individual stories. But I do get envious of those who accomplish things and still have a way to relax, those that do wondrous things without the constant “to do” list running through their heads. Even if that “to do” list has to “be present” on it. Maybe these people don’t exist. I just feel like I need to constantly be accomplishing, which sets me back I think. I mean in this age of social media and smartphones, you can check in on  a friend half a world away and see the news in Canada and be exercising all at the same time.  With all the things you can be doing sometimes the options are so overwhelming nothing is done.

I would like to be focused most of the time, and unfocused some of the time and not feel guilty about it. Not regret the time away, or be hard on myself for not making all moments count. I think it is in this balance that goals become achievable. I hope to make this happen, it may not, it’s hard to make it tangible…I’ll keep you posted.

So in this line of thinking as 2016 rolls to 2017 I want to celebrate Katie and Jed. Katie is from a family of 7 hilarious girls full of personality. One of her older sisters, Annette and I have some fond memories not appropriate to share : ). She found a doll in Jed, who is quietly funny and unassuming until you get the guy on the dance floor. I think they are the sweetest way to close out 2106’s wedding season. I hope I made your wedding moments real and visual for years to come and here’s to more of those in 2017.  Hope we all accomplish great things and relax even greater!!! (as Stella Baska would say, “let’s resolve to relax SO HARD”) much love —
former bride on the left… Cathy, and mom Bernie on right
Rock Chalk.the dab is so 2016yep, this guy here. right. here.

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