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I hear it a lot, we are not really into engagement photos, or my husband hates photos, or we are not photogenic…..While I get scheduling and getting people together can sometimes be a challenge, you will not regret it. I can not stress enough (even if you don’t use me–sad emoji) get photos done–engagement photos, family photos, senior photos, headshots for work, just because photos. Take the time because it won’t be long before you can’t put your baby on your shoulders anymore, or remember the feeling of having long hair from senior year, or the goofy glances your fianc√© used to give you (or how angelic Charlie looked -see below). Now is the time. Believe me, it won’t be stiff and you won’t feel like you have a perma grin. It is you as you are now and tomorrow you’ll be different.

Charlie and Jenny I can not wait for your wedding this Spring. Always remember being young and popping around KC on a hot Summer Sunday morning. xo


“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”

-Francis Bacon

So, I’m like one of the least political people I know. Just ask my husband who often wants to talk politics and I usually end up running away, or tuning him out. I have my opinions like everyone else and enough good sense to know that they don’t always jive with everyone else and not enough sense to care. This is life, I feel we are all going around with our own sense of being and trying to do the right thing.

When I woke up the other morning to another mass shooting in LV, I sort of shrugged and said here we go again. Then I realized three people were murdered in Lawrence and a student committed suicide at her school in Lee’s Summit. With that realization I thought it’s not everywhere else-whatever “it” is. It is in my backyard and probably in yours. And I don’t think its about gun rights or terrorist groups or arguing politicians. “It” is the weird phenomenon that people want to hurt themselves and others. What is that? I don’t get it. Do people feel like they don’t belong? Do they really hate that much? where does it come from? I don’t know if anyone can answer these questions.

I don’t want to go into a long discussion about where society is failing, because I’m sure there are lots of reasons. I do think it is really easy to see all the bad stuff everyday that is reported and forget about the millions of good little things that happen all the time that will never get a second glance or that no one notices. This is life too I suppose.

And I certainly don’t want to turn this into a sales pitch or cheesy photography post (oh you know I do ha!) but as we enter the Fall and the trees turning every color in our great midwest wrap your kids in a cozy blanket, sit with your lover and have some hearty meal and chat, tell someone you think they did a good job even if you don’t know them but appreciate them. Maybe the small acts of love will work against some of the hate-maybe a little. I’m just reminded about how important friends and family are, when bad things happen.

A few from last years Beier family, it was fun to shoot on the trails of Swope Park. I will be announcing some Holiday card mini sessions soon. Please email me at if you’re interested. Can’t wait for Fall color and light.


I’m always going on and on about the moments and I how it so important to me to give you a real comprehensive look of the time in your life. The way the kids made that crazy face only they could make or the way your new spouse looked as you came down the aisle. But just as important to me is the location and my love affair with the midwest. And all things midwest, not just the “little house on the prairie” look we are known for but the pavement and urbanity in KCMO, the streets of Strawberry Hill where my studio sits. The location/environment is the like the third party in a trifecta of influence in the way I think and create.

Frank lives on a seemingly mundane suburban street at the end of a block in Western Wyandotte county. But the house sits at the edge of a field, the end of the development. I had been there to shoot sister Zoey’s newborn photos and as I was driving out there I was imagining them playing tag in that field, or baseball or looking for insects. It’s going to be awhile before they are running that field and they may even move but that’s what those first flashes of memory will hold for those babies–that field, their room, sitting on mom and dad’s bed.

NPR was interviewing David Crosby and he is still creating music as he looks over the hills/mountain ranges in his Northern CA ranch. I think how those hills and views affect his music. Think of all the great art that was influenced by the nature and environment around them. But what I love about photographing people is that it’s not only what influences me that is so intriguing but what influences my subject. I love going out to the country and finding a field that speaks to a senior then the next day being in the heart of the downtown near an old warehouses. That field at the edge of Frank’s house is not he prettiest field ever but it’s their field. If you are wanting to shoot in studio then I imagine the colors you like and an image on your wall. Your family are your greatest pieces of art, we are making history and you just tell me where.The curl
handsome boy


You know when things are so pretty, they almost don’t seem real? I feel this way with this wedding, but these were real moments–as real as it gets. I guess that’s how memories work-dream like. I will remember the day and the way it was supposed to storm all day, the hint of gold, the way they laughed through their ceremony Caitlin’s brother gave and how she glanced at the crowd, the way the sun came out, how James looked at her during photos, the way Caitlin held on to her Grandpa as he saw her for the first time, laughing hearing the antics from James’ twin brother, and the white bunting hanging from Hallbrook’s ceiling as they kissed.

I need to stop thinking I have this inner writer in me and just show the photos. I just want each and every moment to be remembered….All I can say it was a GREAT honor to be there. Happy Birthday Caitlin….XOXOgosh I know this is overkill….I just could not decide on these–