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Miles and Miles

This is probably really obvious, but I love the details of phases of life. It is the little things that surround someone that make the story. We often forget about the high tops we wore in middle school that we had to have or the graphics of the Wheaties box but just like anything these visuals are so fun, they take you back. My family and I recently binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix. It really represents the 80’s so well, down to the opening graphics. I really felt like I was back on my bike riding around my neighborhood in 1985.The story is fun and the actors are good, but what really kept me watching is to remember my childhood. My favorite tv show of all time is Wonder Years, and I do really love the premise of the show, but I love the era as well–the jeans, the house, the middle school of the late 60’s. Other favorites come to mind–Madmen and Downtown Abby. The reason I’m bringing this up is although I love showing your pretty faces and capturing you for future generations- these little vignettes that surround us in this moment now are really important too. When looking at little Miles in utero and newborn I was struck by this. Jessica and Alan are super cool, they have such great style and they are renovating a 100+ home and revamping an old neighborhood. I’ve known Alan since we were kids playing kick the can on Maize Rd in Colby KS. It was fitting to be there in his sweet room surrounded by all baby and this beautiful architecture that will be the story to start off Miles’s life.

This was a couple months ago and already he has totally changed, but they will have Jessica’s belly and tiny toes images to remind them that it was all real and when he gets to be in college or has a child of his own he can look back and say look at my cool parents and how cute are my fingers and I remember that pillow.

First off a few maternity– cool kids–cool house.

here he is!


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