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Wimes family-Kansas City family photography

This family is beautiful. I know I make everyone look beautiful (he, he) but they don’t know a bad photo. A quick note about the St. Peter’s community, this is my church and kids’ school. I can tell you they have been so supportive of me and it really feels like a community–extended family. This whole small business thing is not done without the support of a community and friends. And I recognize and appreciate them so much.

The Wimes family is a good example. They get along so well–I’m sure the girls fight, I’m sure there are disagreements, but when it counts they are there for each other. It’s family. There are times, I think I disagree with this or that at the school/church but I do know they are there for me, they have my family’s best interest at heart.

The stunning Wimes family:


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