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Goodbye for now…..

Walt Witman said, “We were together, I forget the rest.”

Today the beloved Dias family goes back to their home of Portugal.

We first got to know the Dias family two years ago when Bernardo got a job here and Tita entered first grade with Stella. Francesca and Bernardo’s English was good but the children had limited knowledge. Over the next two years we slowly got to know them as there were soccer games, I coached Tita in basketball, play dates and coffee. The kids immersed themselves and thrived. They quickly learned all the “totes” popular slangs…..

Here they are a year ago when Francesca was pregnant with baby Charlotta.

from the mean streets of Brookside : )and a little film:

Although their time here in America was brief, I hope they had a great experience. Their family gave our kids and us a little glimpse of a European perspective and a peak at the Portuguese culture. They were such great conversations to have.

They will be missed and we may forget the conversations we had or the basketball games they played. But we will remember them. Good luck Dias family, hope to see you again soon.

Fall 2016 with new baby Charlotta:



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