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Abby-class of 2017 O’Hara High School

Abby happens to be my good friend’s daughter (Captain Lori-famous volleyball coach), she graduated from the last class of Bishop O’Hara High School. I have some fond memories when I was small and my dad coached there of playing in the gym and lockers and going to the school carnival. Its sad that its closing–I think we throw things away entirely too easily. But I’m a slight hoarder so…..

I look at my portfolio and I just love natural, real images. These I think reflect her natural beauty and just draw you in. Be a hoarder with your memories, they don’t cost money but define you as a person. I know not all memories are good ones, but they make us stronger and smarter. Goodbye Archbishop O’Hara think of the memories that crossed those halls. And good luck Abby, think of the memories you have to make–go MU! (Ok, I’m only saying that for you–Rock Chalk).

With that I’m offering seniors of 2018 a $50 off sitting if booked before school starts. Come get some natural memories 😉


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