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Brunettes have more fun…..

You know when things are so pretty, they almost don’t seem real? I feel this way with this wedding, but these were real moments–as real as it gets. I guess that’s how memories work-dream like. I will remember the day and the way it was supposed to storm all day, the hint of gold, the way they laughed through their ceremony Caitlin’s brother gave and how she glanced at the crowd, the way the sun came out, how James looked at her during photos, the way Caitlin held on to her Grandpa as he saw her for the first time, laughing hearing the antics from James’ twin brother, and the white bunting hanging from Hallbrook’s ceiling as they kissed.

I need to stop thinking I have this inner writer in me and just show the photos. I just want each and every moment to be remembered….All I can say it was a GREAT honor to be there. Happy Birthday Caitlin….XOXOgosh I know this is overkill….I just could not decide on these–


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