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It’s beginning to look a lot like…….

It’s that time of year and instead of me blogging family photos weeks after the holidays, I’m beginning now…Early like the stores and commercials and catalogs.  There is never a “good” time for family photos, Jack’s involved in 3 sports, Mom is over committed, Dad just got promoted,  the girls have outgrown their cute outifts–this is all hypthetical as you probably guessed. But then there is no “bad” time either….just because it’s right at Holiday time and a natural fit for family photos is not the only reason to do them. I’ve said it before and I know I’m a broken record but your family is the best “ART” you got!!!  Even if it is not me, have someone take photos of your loved ones. Do not stress about how you look because life happens and when your having a bad day its will be a lot better to look up at a photo of your daughter and you before she would not hold your hand.

Off the soapbox, this is going to sound like a broken record as well but this family is so sweet and nice, Lyndsey is in Stella’s grade (they have similar saucy spirits–if you know what I mean?) and I can not say how much I appreciate these people as my friends and I hope that shows.  So we are kicking off what I call the “portrait” season with the Miler’s but really family love goes all year long…

And the thing that will make them ring, is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart

                                                              I Love this spot for Christmas as I think it evokes Christmas colors.

  • Jose Ramirez - How do I buy Gala pictures. I tried using your contact page, and it did not work. Might need fixing. So I am trying this too. Here is my cell 816 8204321and texting is ok too. What ever is easy for you.

  • Tricia - I’m sorry Jose, here is the link if your still interested:

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