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A month of Love: Molly + Randy, West Bottoms wedding

I’m not going to talk about all the things I’m thinking about with this little blog…how trends/things have changed in the blog world, how I love and hate blogging, how I have great aspirations and not enough time. You’ve heard me rail about it before, no this is going to be about Molly and Randy and their love. I will save that for my therapist ; ) just kidding. I look at this blog as therapy if I don’t feel like I have to do it. And in this day and age you “don’t” have to do anything in business even though “experts” say “You need to Instagram live stories” you need to “tweet” and “email market” and “be consistent” but also “show them your an expert, and give advice”,”don’t mix a personal and business instagram,  oh but no do mix a personal/business instagram” and oh–did you look at your analytics today? And all of that is really overwhelming and the only thing I can really grab hold of is “be your authentic self” and I’m telling you right now that my authentic self is not consistent and I don’t know how to tweet. Or what I would even say in how many characters?

So I’m back, it’s 2018 and I always get a little crazy about business goals (uhum….I know, very predictable) and since I’ve had a nice long break from being a social media maven (Ha!) I am excited to get back here and show you some of Molly and Randy’s wedding. I love February not for its white/virgin like snow that we have not had in 3 years or its moody grey days and stark contrasting trees. NO I love that Valentines Day is dropped right down in the middle of a somewhat long tedious season.  And who doesn’t love LOVE? and pink boxes, and sweet tarts and vintage cards?

These are so fun to look at, I love this wedding and its the perfect start to a Valentines month of blogging love. Two people in love: check, fun fun fun family: check, a warm but not too hot lovely summer evening in KC: check, beautiful flowers and great food; check, check. A choral wall and baby frog: check and check! So that is what I have to say and I’m fairly sure it won’t fit in a tweet.

Molly and Randy: I love you guys. Happy First Valentines Day!



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