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Sally+Kevin engaged

I hate to sound like a broken record but the best photographers are the ones you trust and you feel like you know. I have done a few of Sally’s family member’s weddings and each one is like hanging with friends. And through them I’ve gotten to know many many more who I have photographed through the years. I love the traditions this family has and they really do know how to put on a party. 9.15.2018  Sally + Kevin

Check out her sister’s wedding, cousins’ Elaine’s wedding and Beth’s family.  

Kara and Pat’s wedding is not on the current blog or else I would include it….but when Kara & Pat first had baby Betsy, it was only fitting that we went to her dad’s infamous bar, Breits, which is a lot like walking into Cheers.  We will certainly be stopping by there tomorrow–tradition. It’s the beauty of these traditions and stories that I hope the photos add another visual layer for them for the generations that come next. 


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