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So I had a really nice little bit about my friends the O’Connors that I just adore, but in getting my new site up it is has been lost in cyberspace to that infinity in the sky. I would try and rewrite but if you read it before I don’t want to repeat myself and frankly I have to keep this train going, but I do want to put the photos up as they are still here archived and I have some control of that. I figure no one really wants to read what I write anyway they just want the eye candy. I have lots more to show and with Spring springing and I’m motivated especially since I’m getting this brand new shiny site to share. But first an ode to my o’friends.

We always have fun thinking of a different way to capture their family:


I’m working on launching my new website and getting really close, in the meantime, I wanted to get out some of my friends photos around Valentines Day. All around the day of Love–well, it came and went….such is life but I figure we can celebrate the ones we love everyday. I’m never going to be fast, but I want to give everyone their due-recognize my amazing friends. The Crilly’s are expecting baby boy #2 soon, these boys are destined to hilarious big personalities like their Dad (you may recognize him as a local wrestling celebrity). I adore the color scheme for some Holiday photos and George could not be cuter.


This is probably really obvious, but I love the details of phases of life. It is the little things that surround someone that make the story. We often forget about the high tops we wore in middle school that we had to have or the graphics of the Wheaties box but just like anything these visuals are so fun, they take you back. My family and I recently binge watched Stranger Things on Netflix. It really represents the 80’s so well, down to the opening graphics. I really felt like I was back on my bike riding around my neighborhood in 1985.The story is fun and the actors are good, but what really kept me watching is to remember my childhood. My favorite tv show of all time is Wonder Years, and I do really love the premise of the show, but I love the era as well–the jeans, the house, the middle school of the late 60’s. Other favorites come to mind–Madmen and Downtown Abby. The reason I’m bringing this up is although I love showing your pretty faces and capturing you for future generations- these little vignettes that surround us in this moment now are really important too. When looking at little Miles in utero and newborn I was struck by this. Jessica and Alan are super cool, they have such great style and they are renovating a 100+ home and revamping an old neighborhood. I’ve known Alan since we were kids playing kick the can on Maize Rd in Colby KS. It was fitting to be there in his sweet room surrounded by all baby and this beautiful architecture that will be the story to start off Miles’s life.

This was a couple months ago and already he has totally changed, but they will have Jessica’s belly and tiny toes images to remind them that it was all real and when he gets to be in college or has a child of his own he can look back and say look at my cool parents and how cute are my fingers and I remember that pillow.

First off a few maternity– cool kids–cool house.

here he is!


Choices, decisions. I want to spend a minute on something I love to hate.

I feel like in our golden age of social media/internet and all things bold, subtle, beautiful and graphic, modern, nostalgic, vintage and visual. We are constantly bombarded by perfection and beauty but also the pursuit of these things.

I have a hard time grappling with something that day to day brings so much stress but also so much absolute joy. I love to hang my hat on how “visual” I am. I am by nature a visual learner and what I see has always framed my existence–like a lot of people. Hence, my choice of career. But I don’t know about you, the older I get I think I’m going backwards in a way. To explain– Decisions. all day every day. Like what to buy at grocery store, what color paint, what direction to run, all of it I contemplate. That makes is seem like I’m complaining it but I’m not. I love it all. I love being able to go to Home Depot and try three different samples and go online and find a pillow that changes it by afternoon. I love that I can walk to a farmer’s market or McDonalds in my neighborhood. These decisions are great most of the time.

But I think that like most things that word balance is allusive.I’ve talked about this before. ¬†Sometimes you don’t know where it all ends. At what point to rest and enjoy and not think about the what ifs and should haves.I don’t know how to wrap this into a post except for that Katie, my senior here is going to have a heck of a time deciding on images. As a photographer that looks at oftentimes hundreds of images a day it hasn’t gotten that much easier. In fact, decisions only get more and more plentiful. ¬†And when your making up your mind on that gallery wall or if you want to go black and white or color on an image, I want to tell you I empathize. Maybe I sound like a baby or that I’m taking this first world problem way to serious but hey it’s winter I have some time to think.

With necessity comes clarity. If you don’t have the time to lament over hamburgers or chicken for dinner you don’t. Or the color of paint, or which direction to run. Like most things once decided and hung on the wall its all beautiful. That’s why I do what I do taking people and animals and objects of love and affection.

And when I’m anxious over the paint colors I chose I remember that cute canvas of my kids that I’m going to hang over it and start to paint.

Ok, can I just say that I’m super jealous of Katie’s hair…..

Katie, your beautiful. Good luck deciding on all decisions of life. Enjoy the ride…..