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You know when things are so pretty, they almost don’t seem real? I feel this way with this wedding, but these were real moments–as real as it gets. I guess that’s how memories work-dream like. I will remember the day and the way it was supposed to storm all day, the hint of gold, the way they laughed through their ceremony Caitlin’s brother gave and how she glanced at the crowd, the way the sun came out, how James looked at her during photos, the way Caitlin held on to her Grandpa as he saw her for the first time, laughing hearing the antics from James’ twin brother, and the white bunting hanging from Hallbrook’s ceiling as they kissed.

I need to stop thinking I have this inner writer in me and just show the photos. I just want each and every moment to be remembered….All I can say it was a GREAT honor to be there. Happy Birthday Caitlin….XOXOgosh I know this is overkill….I just could not decide on these–


And speaking of maturity…..

This is my neighbor Madi, she is a freshman at Mizzou. You won’t find a happier girl.

I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing with all 3.5 of my fans that she faced a bout of cancer in her recent history. She is doing great now, she finished with honors and scholarships and is going to be a journalist.

Not to beat a dead horse but I wish I could impart some of what these kids got into my children. As a very young woman to know that adversity of being seriously ill and beating it takes what I can only imagine as a lot of strength and grace. Just know that we see your strength–even as just a new neighbor.

So congratulations Madi, Mizzou class of 2021–go show em how its done.

Quick note, this seriousness is not really how she is but I just thought her eyes were so striking and I thought it showed a kick butt strength. This is after her seriousness:
                            I think she looks like a Monet painting in a lot of these…..sorry could not choose

                                                                                       a little film….

         the girls……next time with Dad…..
                 A quick note to the people of Houston and SE Texas, talk about adversity….thinking of you…..


There is something about Spring and Fall light that just makes me giddy, we are about to go into one of the best seasons and I wanted to share a few from the Ashley family’s mini session last spring. I’m telling you this kids at school thing has gotten me motivated. I’m trying to make headway here with these beautiful people!!!! Get them up and on the blog


How does one achieve maturity or emanate it? I’ve known some little ones that are extremely mature and then I’ve known more then one (wo) man child.

I not only mean the aura of wisdom beyond ones years, but the kind of maturity that shows a comfort in your own skin. The ability to be who you are and not worry about your peers and what the masses tell you to do or how to be.

It’s harder and harder to come by right? With social media and less actual face to face interaction, society telling you how to think and be and what’s successful and where you are not included. And even sometimes well intentioned mentors and teachers getting it wrong. But then again, I think in this modern world it should be easier to come by as there really seems to be a place for everyone–we are not close minded are we? I don’t know.

This brings me to Luke. He emanates maturity. At a young age he showed interest in machinery and started tinkering in a shop (and not because his parents were mechanics either). Before long he became a certified big machinery mechanic. He works in a high capacity shop with guys two to three times his age. He helped with the recovery of hurricane Matthew in North Carolina (doing studies online as he was there for a month) and he just bought a house with land out in the country that he loves–all before an early graduation.

While this is impressive, the greatest thing is he is very very nice. He calls this lady below one of his best friends and helps take care of her land. He loves his dog and being outside. He can tell you much of the history of his little corner of NW Missouri.

I can’t say how impressive this kid is to me. Not the traditional go to college and become an engineer and make a million bucks impressive (although I’m not knocking that!!!) Just a sweet person that is comfortable with himself and on the land. It was good for me to see, I told his mom if we could bottle that and make it a vitamin– I would feed my kids one every day! It was a great reminder that if you are being yourself, you are happy and that usually translates into some form of success. And success is not always the Ivy League pre med wrap it up with a bow. Maybe you are the next Dr for your school or First Engineer for your family, or maybe your gay and coming out and finally feel free, or a social worker that made a difference in your community today or maybe your a farm kid that got his first bit of land. Although there is a great difference, can you imagine if there wasn’t? Congratulations Luke, I felt like you taught an old gal something and I know wherever you go or don’t go, it’s going to be great.