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One decade. It’s a milestone, a unit of time that indicates so much. Whole generations are signified in that span. Technology and historical events and eras are defined by units of ten years. A lot has happened since July 2, 2007. What will be saying about the 2000’s, its too soon to tell I suppose.

Stella came into the world a screaming butterball, red, round and angry. Mad as hell. Way different than Will who must have been on drugs as he was peaceful and reflective. She spent her first year as a spitfire, temperamental and just crabby. Many a night we woke to her screaming trying to digest and figure out life. Those were long evenings but like so much in life, it went too fast. As she was more independent her mood changed she grew happier but Stella was the right name for her as she was born right before the Fourth, as a star….she couldn’t wait for the full blown show she exploded early and fierce and bright.

As a toddler she was hilarious. Still challenging but daring and never scared, and always social. She loved the older kids, wanted to do what they did and quick to learn. She would call old people in the store grandma and grandpa who we didn’t know. She would talk to anyone and tell them her toddler opinion. She told an old woman with an umbrella, “Why you got that umbrella, it ain’t raining” She thought everyone thought she was cute and would talk to people just to make her brother laugh. But man she was cute. Every day we would laugh at her songs and marvel at where this funny thing came from.

As she grew, a funny thing happened, she just got sweeter and sweeter….a fierce defender of her brother when he got in trouble, a promoter of justice. She would often tell her dad who would say if some boy was being a bit mean, go tell him to buzz off you were playing there first and Stella would reprimand him for being not nice. She made little mermaids for the older kids when they were putting on the Little Mermaid show at school and the whole 8th grade class sang to her for it….she loved it (very impressive 8th grade class at STP am I right?). Not to say there were not emotional moments, she could go from 0-60 on that scale in a heartbeat–but never angry. If she got in trouble she would often be reflective and write me notes of apology (I mean really what kid does that?) She just lives with her heart on her sleeve.

Still growing growing…..always too fast, I still laugh at her raps, and her “fake” Youtube analysis of toys and now nail polish colors, the way she talks like she is being interviewed by a celebrity. She still wants things to be right in the world, she is getting to be a slight perfectionist (not a full perfectionist, irony) and wants to please her teachers and friends. But always a star. She will always be my star, my firecracker child that loves to shine.

I was going to put pictures of you as a 1 year old with a sparkler in your cake and your little arms up in awe, but then I thought this is your 10th year! You’ve put the groundwork of putting in roots and showing us the person you are and the woman you will be, your building your “era”.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since you came screaming into this world. Stella I love you so much, continue to be your brave self and you will shine for many decades to come. xooxoxoxxoxoxoxoo

And as always she is really 10.2 years old, we had to go back to school for me to get back to working order. Man o man do I need time management skills–a post for another day. These were taken pre Stella braces which our family is in the full throws of right now. Can you say brace face?


Abby happens to be my good friend’s daughter (Captain Lori-famous volleyball coach), she graduated from the last class of Bishop O’Hara High School. I have some fond memories when I was small and my dad coached there of playing in the gym and lockers and going to the school carnival. Its sad that its closing–I think we throw things away entirely too easily. But I’m a slight hoarder so…..

I look at my portfolio and I just love natural, real images. These I think reflect her natural beauty and just draw you in. Be a hoarder with your memories, they don’t cost money but define you as a person. I know not all memories are good ones, but they make us stronger and smarter. Goodbye Archbishop O’Hara think of the memories that crossed those halls. And good luck Abby, think of the memories you have to make–go MU! (Ok, I’m only saying that for you–Rock Chalk).

With that I’m offering seniors of 2018 a $50 off sitting if booked before school starts. Come get some natural memories 😉


Congratulations Randy and Molly! It’s going to be a great wedding day. Molly may look familiar, she is Katie’s sister and one of the Fuchs girls. It’s fun to see how sister’s plan different weddings. Regardless of venue and colors, they know how to have a good time and that’s the important thing. Engaged at the Nelson, it was only fitting to start there.

There is nothing more photogenic then being young and in love. Even if you don’t have me do engagement photos, have someone do some. There is no pressure, no one really watching, just you two at the start with the world or in this case The Nelson at your feet.