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Better done then perfect-” Must be the slogan of the day, because I’ve heard that floating around lately and boy does it sum up my life right now. There are a few changes coming down the pike for SNAP photography and one of those is really trying to look at the brand and how effective my marketing is (I’ll just say it it sucks). I hope to elaborate a lot more over the next blog posts, but today is about decision making. When I think about what impedes me from putting myself out there (there are a lot of things so be ready) one of those things is properly editing and making the decisions that portray the people stories I’m shooting AND reflect my vision as an artist. I want to do justice to so many moments. Well, when you want to cover everything and yelling your voice gets lost. Being a little ADD and creative is a good thing until you are sitting in front of 150 images and you want to write a blog.

I’m not going to belabor the idea of trying to be perfect but I think sometimes what I say is not that important (even though I think about it all the time), it is really about the images and if I brought happiness to those I was shooting. And so that brings me to Kelli and Joe and our Spring evening engagement shoot in Kansas City. Liberty Memorial will never grow old and Kelli and Joe both like the idea of really showing Kansas City–which is right up my alley. Thanks Kelli and Joe it was so fun, I hope I captured your vision and I look forward to your fall wedding! some of these were shot on Fuji 400h

I simply can not get enough of people in love in our beautiful KC. Period.


I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m kind of a naturalist. I love what nature and the world offers by shear chance more then what the computer can simulate. The perfectly imperfect wisp of hair that blows, the sun flare or light leak, the funny or weird face a baby makes that is uniquely him, or when a horse comes to the window to peak out by a barn, all of which capture the moment more then freezing the subject as a pose on a velvet couch, photoshopping out every pore or adding a fake sunset. So when Lia’s mom told me Lia was an old soul or kind of a hippie, my heart skipped. We met dawn at a very popular sunflower field and drove the back valleys of KS for what seemed like a minute. It was such a pretty midwest morning, divinely granted and uniquely Lia’s. I think these capture her grace. I want to take a moment and say what a generous place Grinter’s Sunflower farm  is, they let thousands of people just explore and take photos, park and traipse through their fields.