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Do you ever look up and a month has passed? Or two weeks have gone by and you don’t know what happened? I know that tasks have been accomplished and I’ve gotten my kids here and there but the real lazy relishing days of Summer have not began. I haven’t registered memories this last month….I feel like time is slipping by. This is the way it is. I don’t want this to feel sad or overly sappy, but you will never regret getting your pictures done–engagements, babies, seniors, weddings, families, because its a hot summer day–it all matters, it all goes too fast.

Having said that this was a post that I was going to do on Mother’s Day and here we are after Father’s day. Her Uncle is the last post with his senior photos and now Baby Payton is a couple months old. Let’s start at the beginning:

to be continued…..


I’ve said this before, but getting to know my clients is the best compliment and integral to my philosophy. I think it adds so much to the shoot. I know there is a comfort level that translates on camera….weather that is a senior, a bride or a toddler. I’ve known Landry’s family for some time, did his siblings senior photos Mckenzi (show here) and Britanni and Tyler’s Wedding and engagements. I’ve known their mother for years and I adore their family and extended family. They bleed K-State purple and are extremely athletic and attractive family. Today I celebrate Landry who is as cute as these photos show.

It will all wrap into tomorrow’s post when the newest addition is featured:


Walt Witman said, “We were together, I forget the rest.”

Today the beloved Dias family goes back to their home of Portugal.

We first got to know the Dias family two years ago when Bernardo got a job here and Tita entered first grade with Stella. Francesca and Bernardo’s English was good but the children had limited knowledge. Over the next two years we slowly got to know them as there were soccer games, I coached Tita in basketball, play dates and coffee. The kids immersed themselves and thrived. They quickly learned all the “totes” popular slangs…..

Here they are a year ago when Francesca was pregnant with baby Charlotta.

from the mean streets of Brookside : )and a little film:

Although their time here in America was brief, I hope they had a great experience. Their family gave our kids and us a little glimpse of a European perspective and a peak at the Portuguese culture. They were such great conversations to have.

They will be missed and we may forget the conversations we had or the basketball games they played. But we will remember them. Good luck Dias family, hope to see you again soon.

Fall 2016 with new baby Charlotta:



This family is beautiful. I know I make everyone look beautiful (he, he) but they don’t know a bad photo. A quick note about the St. Peter’s community, this is my church and kids’ school. I can tell you they have been so supportive of me and it really feels like a community–extended family. This whole small business thing is not done without the support of a community and friends. And I recognize and appreciate them so much.

The Wimes family is a good example. They get along so well–I’m sure the girls fight, I’m sure there are disagreements, but when it counts they are there for each other. It’s family. There are times, I think I disagree with this or that at the school/church but I do know they are there for me, they have my family’s best interest at heart.

The stunning Wimes family:


I won’t go on and on about how cute my family is. I won’t say how smokin hot they are, that would just be awkward. I won’t tell you how Ty and Emma look like models and their parents my cousins are in that ad– that would make me look pompous and embarrass them. ok. enough.

Seriously though, I was working on these senior pictures for my cousin Roger’s son Ty for the blog and it occurred to me how many photos  I’ve taken down in the West Bottoms, or Loose Park, or The Nelson. Over the years, I’ve taken thousands of images in these iconic spots. A lot of times in the same spots as many other photographers or where I’ve taken many many before.

But that light, on that day in that location is yours. That moment is unique to you. We are making your history. That sounds big and dramatic, but I think it is big and dramatic. No one but you can have that. WE capture that. A little time capsule of you.

Having said that Ty is graduating from Rockhurst High School and its one of the most exciting times of life. I’m honored to have a bit in telling his and his family’s visual history.

It’s not too late to get your 2017 senior photos done–but it’s getting close!! Email me to get your’s scheduled!!!

Ok, I just had to include this as a joke. I think he needs a 30×20 of this for the dorm room….